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Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black Sale
Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black

Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid is an all-purpose, weatherproof repair tape that fixes rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. Tenacious Tape comes in black, clear and popular colors, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs. Wait 24 hours after application and you can machine wash or put it in the dryer without worrying that the repair tape will peel off.

Toss Tenacious Tape in your outdoor gear kit for a little extra peace of mind. Repairs camping gear, sleeping bags and pads, tents, clothing, vinyl rafts, down jackets—whatever needs a quick patch, so you can stay outside.

If you’re serious about your gear, step up to Tenacious Tape—and you’ll never go back to that gooey, sticky, silver stuff.

Colour: Black

-Machine washable
- Clear tape utilizes PVC
- Ultra-strong repair tape with aggressive adhesive
- Tape can be moved or repositioned within 24 hours without leaving behind a sticky residue
- Makes quick, in-field repairs to rips, tears and holes in outdoor gear
- Sticks to almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue
- Provides nearly invisible repairs
- Instantly seals leaking seams and stops rips from spreading
- Acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas
- Long lasting
- Lightweight and compact
- Can be used on silnylon for a temporary emergency field repair

$17.99 $13.90
Stoney Creek Stowit Jacket
Stoney Creek Stowit Jacket

Light, fast drying and packs down into pocket, weighing less than 500 grams.

- Long covered front-zip, easy to pull on and off
- Adjustable cuffs to seal in warmth
- Packs into front pocket for easy transport / packing

A 3-layer polyester, 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, 100% seam sealed and ultra lightweight fabric. Moderate breathability. The tight woven construction and DWR coating stops the fabric soaking up the water.

Stoney Creek Meat Safe Stoney Creek Meat Safe
Stoney Creek Meat Safe

The Meat Safe is perfect for keeping flies off your meat on those overnight and multi day hunts.

With a internal height of over two meters the strong mesh sides keeps it's own shape keeping the mesh away from the meat and making it faster to put up. The built in hanging loop and peg loops at the bottom to secure the bottom so that the mesh doesn't get blown onto the carcass.

The meat safe and the handy collapsible alloy poles are all packaged in a handy drawstring bag to pop into the bottom of your pack.

Tatonka Bison 75L + 10L Backpack: Olive Tatonka Bison 75L + 10L Backpack: Olive Sale
Tatonka Bison 75L + 10L Backpack: Olive

Uncompromising trekking rucksack for the highest demands. With its use of innovative materials, in terms of durability and efficiency, the Bison 75 EXP is in a class of its own and even satisfies the most discerning outdoor enthusiast. Cordura 700 DEN is used for the base, which combines robustness and flexibility, the corpus is made of Cordura 100 DEN Dobby and therefore is light, tear-proof and wear-resistant all at the same time. The Bison 75 EXP has the innovative X1 carrying system, which was specially developed for carrying heavy loads of more than 20 kg over long distances. And the features leave no wish unfulfilled either: a large zipped front opening, a height-adjustable flap with the option to attach extra items and a front pocket with Thermo Fusion zip fastener, to name just a few.

X1 carrying system for heavy loads; Back padding with different degrees of cushioning; Comfortable shoulder strap; Lid compartment with key holder; Height-adjustable flap with attachment possibility; Three contact points for the load control straps; Large zipped front access; Detachable base compartment; Front pocket with Thermo Fusion zip fastener; Front and side pockets made of elasticated Kelas material; Comfortable hip strap adjustment; Handles at the front, back and on the base; Adjustable and detachable ice pick holder; Roll-up side compression straps; First-aid compartment (contents not included); Hydration system compatible; Rain cover.

- Measurements: 90 x 37 x 32 cm
- Colour: Olive
- Capacity: 75 L
- Weight: 3,25 kg
- Carrying system: X1-System
- Material 1: Cordura 700 DEN
- Material 2: Cordura 100 DEN Dobby
- Rainflap: inclusion / including

In order to protect effectively the pack's contents from moisture in case of heavy rain, a waterproof cover is hidden in the bottom compartment. This cover has a reflecting colour which covers the whole pack; moreover, it can't get lost due to a thin webbing.

$649.00 $539.00
Uniden 2 Way Radio UH755-2DLX
Uniden 2 Way Radio UH755-2DLX

The Uniden UH755-2DLX 5 Watt UHF CB Splash-Proof Handheld Radio (Deluxe Pack) is a solid 5 Watt power UHF radio that can deliver up to 17km of range. This makes it the perfect unit for professionals who need a rugged and heavy duty radio suitable for various conditions.

The UH755-2DLX features a splashproof design making it flexible to operate in many environments. The Backlit LCD Dot Matrix Display makes it easy to see in both night and day. The UH755-2DLX series can communicate up to a 17km range allowing users to stay connected on their next adventure even in the most remote locations without mobile reception. The Shared Channel Quiet Filter ensures the radio stays quiet when sharing a busy channel, only allowing transmissions from radios using the same code.

With the finest components, unique engineering and styling, the UH755-2DLX offers outstanding performance adaptable in various conditions and situations, just what you expect from Uniden.

Key Features:

- 80 UHF Channels
- 5 Watt / 1 Watt Selectable TX Power
- Splashproof
- Backlit LCD Dot Matrix Display
- Range Extender (Duplex) Capability
- VOX Hands Free Capable
- Shared Channel Quiet Filter (104 DCS/50 CTCCS Codes)
- 10 Call Tones
- Auto Battery Save
- Open Scan
- Group Scan
- Voice Scramble
- Audio Compander
- Battery Level Indicator Busy Channel Lockout Function
- Roger Beep
- Keypad Lock
- Built-in Accessory Jack
- Metal Alloy Chassis
- 17km Range#
- 35hrs Operating Time

Allen Field Dressing Bag Allen Field Dressing Bag
Allen Field Dressing Bag

Allen Field Dressing Bag
Big enough to hold a large deer
Allows Excellent Air circulation
Protects from insects
Helps keep meat clean

Stoney Creek Microtough Trousers Stoney Creek Microtough Trousers
Stoney Creek Microtough Trousers

The ideal hunting lightweight Microtough trousers are comfortable and quick-drying. Our best seller.

Highly durable and lightweight. Micro touch is made from a polyester micro yarn. The highly resistant outer face has a Teflon™ Durable Water Repellency (DWR) that sheds water, repels dirt and stains and will not wash out. The inside of the fabric is woven flat using a special technique that enables the fabric to move with the skin. Micro touch strong woven face lasts a heap longer, and less chance or tearing when you’re hunting in the scrub. Resistant to hook grass and burrs.

To maintain top performance of your Stoney Creek garment we recommend a regular warm washing at 40 degrees (inside out) with a non-powdered laundry detergent (Sports Wash recommended)and occasional warm tumble dry, right side out.

Warm wash assists in killing bacteria and the warm drying for 20 minutes revives the fabric and rejuvenates the DWR and the Teflon coating ensuring going performance.

NB: Powdered detergents have UV brightness visible to animals. We recommend reapplying DWR every two years. It is not recommended to store your garment damp, wet and scrunched.

- Long leg-vents.
- Pull-forward adjustment for exact fit.
- Large secure hand pockets.
- Button.
- In-seam gusset for unrestricted movement.

Leder Commercial Fleshing Knife Sale
Leder Commercial Fleshing Knife

Leder Utility Fleshing/Tanning Knife

Use this Leder commercial tanning knife for fleshing and breaking of medium to large skins and hides.

$34.99 $26.00
Mercator Pocket Knife - Genuine German Made Mercator Pocket Knife - Genuine German Made Sale
Mercator Pocket Knife - Genuine German Made

For more than 100 years the Mercator knife has been produced in Solingen almost unchanged. This Solingen original was first produced in the knife and blade forge "Mercator" Indiawerk Heinrich Kaufmann & Söhne. Even though it was not designed as an army knife, the army of Kaiser Wilhelm quickly learned to appreciate the qualities of the Mercator. The name "Kaiser Wilhelm Messer" originates from this time. As it is almost indestructible, the Mercator knife was passed on from generation to generation in the past. This is also how it made the leap into the present day.

Since 1995 this robust pocket knife has been produced by OTTER-Messer in Solingen. Its shape has remained the same until today, as well as its qualities with which it distinguishes itself in everyday life: reliability, robustness and handiness. In addition to the traditional shapes of the Mercator knife, you will also find some new models which stand out in colour but still retain their classic silhouette.

Simple, functional and robust — the Mercator knife has offered these benefits for over 100 years. Even though it wasn't designed to be an army knife, it quickly gained acceptance in Emperor William's army. This was also the time that created the name "Emperor William Knife". Today, it is used worldwide and distinguishes itself with its narrow, rugged design in everyday life. It is lockable, which facilitates safety in working with it.

Blade steel: Carbon steel C75
Handle: steel powder-coated black
Total length: 200 mm
Blade length: 90 mm
Handle length: 110 mm
Blade shape: medium pointed
Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
Locking type: Backlock
Locking mechanism: lockable
Spring material: Carbon steel C45
Weight: 75 g

$89.99 $85.90
Stoney Creek Shorts M'tough Cargo
Stoney Creek Shorts M'tough Cargo

Stoney Creeks lightweight long shorts. Great storage with their deep hand pockets and added cargo leg pockets. The inseam gusset allows for plenty of movement when in the bush or out of it. Built-in webbing belt.

- Webbing belt
- Inseam gusset
- Deep hand pockets
- Large cargo pockets on leg
- Quick dry fabric

Outdoor Outfitter Hunt Pack Knife Set Boning & Skinning Knife Outdoor Outfitter Hunt Pack Knife Set Boning & Skinning Knife
Outdoor Outfitter Hunt Pack Knife Set Boning & Skinning Knife

Gear up for the hunt with these game preparation knives - everything you need to prepare game for packing out of the bush.

16cm Skinning Knife
Ideal for larger game like deer and goats, this skinning knife is a must-have accessory for the keen hunter.

• 16cm stainless steel blade
• Tough, non-slip rubber over-molded handle
• Deeply curved blade for a longer cutting edge.

13.5cm Boning Knife
With its pointed tip and narrow, curved blade, this boning knife is perfect for working around joints and bones.

• 13.5cm stainless steel blade
• Tough, non-slip rubber over-molded handle
• Pointed tip and narrow, curved blade ideal for working around bones and joints.

Also sold separately, the Outdoor Outfitters Skinning Knife and Boning Knife.

CRKT Hoist'n Lock Big Game CRKT Hoist'n Lock Big Game
CRKT Hoist'n Lock Big Game

Stop busting your chops to hang your kill in a tree. The Hoist'N Lok™ Big Game Hoist was designed by supreme hunter, guide and general outdoor boss, Russ Kommer. The Hoist'N Lok™ is a patented 4:1 mechanical ratio pulley system that makes hanging your animal quick and easy. The game hoist has an aluminum pulley with a knurled cam that locks the rope into place by simply moving it to the side. The simple, yet effective mechanism removes the task of finding somewhere to tie the rope off while keeping the load hanging. The Hoist'N Lok™ makes the process a one person operation that doesn't require any knots or hassle. To adjust or lower the load, simply pull the rope to the opposite side and the cam releases, making it easy to hang the animal higher or lower for skinning and processing. The Hoist'N Lok™ Big Game Hoist comes with a stainless steel gambrel that is welded and powder coated for strength and durability. The hoist is rated to a capacity of 500 lbs. (226.8 kg) and it's built as tough as the hunters who use it. The patented Hoist'N Lok™ system is also used in a Tree Stand Hoist mechanism.

Overall Length: 25" (635.0 mm)
Weight: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Style: Accessory
Pulley Housing Length: 7.5" (190.5 mm)
Pulley Housing Width: 2.2" (55.88 mm)
Pulley Housing Depth: 1.8" (45.72 mm)
Gambrel Length: 25" (635.0 mm)
Gambrel Height: 6.38" (162.05 mm)
Gambrel Rod Diameter: 0.39" (9.91 mm)
Capacity: 500 lbs.
Includes: 2 load bearing carabiners | 40 ft. of 8mm nylon rope 

Manitoba Gear / Travel Bag 100 Litre Manitoba Gear / Travel Bag 100 Litre
Manitoba Gear / Travel Bag 100 Litre

Just landed from Manitoba is this new range of awesome, versatile gear bags!

Manitoba has developed this gear bag to fulfill the demanding needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

It has been built from top quality materials to perform at the high levels required in the harsh conditions found in nature. Attention has been paid to ensuring strength in the areas required and lightness where possible.

This 100 litre capacity gear bag is huge, just like the amount of possibilities you can use it for! This pack would be perfect for holding large sports gear, as the ultimate range bag, an ideal tramping/camping pack, and it could sub as a suitcase for travelling.

The Manitoba 100 Liter Pack features backpack straps, which are also removable, allowing you to carry your bag on your back when suited - perfect if you're going to be lugging it around your feet for a while.

Made from super durable waterproof material, you can count on your gear staying dry if you get caught in the rain. Plus the Manitoba Gear Bag is aesthetically pleasing on the eyes so you can be comfortable taking it anywhere, from the airport to the range to the sports field.

As dedicated outdoors people, Manitoba have utilized their experiences to create a product that will last, and carry your gear in style.

• Made from strong, splash-proof 500D
• Removable pack straps
• Four compression straps
• Drag bap handles on both sides
• Multiple attachment point all around
• Clear name tag slot to hold all your details in case your bag is 'misplaced'
• Strong, easy-clean padded base
• Internal lid pocket
• Large, durable zippers

• Length: 920mm approx.
• Width: 410mm approx.
• Capacity: 100 litres
• Colour: Black

The Manitoba 100 Litre Gear Bag comes with Manitoba's 1 Year Warranty.

Manitoba Roaring Horn - Green Manitoba Roaring Horn - Green
Manitoba Roaring Horn - Green

The season of the roar is here and drawing out that elusive stag has never been easier with the Roaring Horn from Manitoba.

Made from a tough, but lightweight polymer and featuring an adjustable neck strap that is padded for extra comfort, not only means it is easy to wear but ensures that the horn is always at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. The finger-contoured grip fits into the hand perfectly and the ultra-realistic roar will make even the most stubborn stag take notice.

The Roaring Horn is the perfect companion for your next deer hunt and is also available in Blaze Orange.

Tough and lightweight molded polymer.
Loud, realistic roar
Padded neck strap

Hunters Element Classic Series Knife: Skinner Hunters Element Classic Series Knife: Skinner
Hunters Element Classic Series Knife: Skinner

The Classic™ Series knives are hand crafted using the finest materials, fittings, and workmanship. Natural maple burl wood handles, highly polished brass bolsters, and premium quality 5cr15 stainless steel blades that hold an edge deer after deer. Rugged and durable enough for all skinning and dressing jobs, as well as everyday use.

5cr15 alloy was selected for the blades, due to its specific chemical makeup, with a similar hardness to 440a but with less chromium and carbon. Unlike other common stainless steels, 5cr15 alloy has a percentage of vanadium added to increase tensile strength and impact strength. Our knives are easily sharpened in the field. These characteristics have been selected for hunter's demands worldwide, and the designs have proven successful in New Zealand. All Classic™ Series knives also come with a lifetime warranty.

The fixed Classic™ Series knife handles are constructed from a screwed design with a full tang, highly polished brass bolster and blade, with a sharp fine edge. Comes complete with a durable full grain leather sheath.

The Skinners blade features a flat ground and is polished to perfection.

Blade length: 100mm
Total length: 220mm
Weight: 175g
Full grain leather sheath with belt loop.


Stoney Creek Blackstag 1000 Sleeping Bag -15°C Stoney Creek Blackstag 1000 Sleeping Bag -15°C
Stoney Creek Blackstag 1000 Sleeping Bag -15°C

Purpose built for the most demanding alpine environments, the Black Stag 1000 is our high performance expedition sleeping bag and provides crucial warmth when you need it the most. Boasting an array of advanced features, all specifically designed to ensure that heat is generated and retained efficiently, the Black Stag 1000 is the first choice sleeping bag for those discerning hunters who like to push their alpine hunting expeditions, and their gear, to the extremes.

Designed For - Alpine Camping
Fill Weight - 1000gms
Bag Weight - 1.7kg
Packed Size - 38cm x 25cm
Down - 90/10 Down
Loft - 700 CUI
Volume - 18L
Colour - Blood Orange/Black

2-way YKK side zip for ease of entry, more ventilation and maximum comfort
Blend of horizontal and vertical baffles to prevent down shift
Performance mummy fit with tapered end for efficient warmth management
Full length zip, double ended for venting options
9 panel performance hood for maximum comfort and warmth
Twin collar to trap warm air in
Twin-draft tube down side of bag completely seals zip and prevents warm air escaping or cold air getting in
Waterproof/seam sealed compression bag included for ultra compact storage

Top Layer
20D Nylon
Super high thread count
Tightly woven
Cire treated downproof

Down Fill
90/10 down fill
700+ CUI loft power

Bottom Layer
20D Nylon
Super high thread count
Tightly woven
Cire treated downproof

Hunters Element Caliber Pouch Charcoal Sale
Hunters Element Caliber Pouch Charcoal

Keep your essentials at hand on short hunts. Available small, medium & large.
Large 1.75L / Medium 1.25L / Small 0.6L capacity
Twin pockets
6 bullet loops
MOLLE/PALS attachment system
Adjustable waist belt

$34.99 $29.99
Stoney Creek Pack Whirinaki 25L Bayleaf
Stoney Creek Pack Whirinaki 25L Bayleaf

The perfect day pack for those of us that like to take everything on a day hunt just in case. The low profile round corners Whirinaki is perfect for bush hunting as it won't snag in the bush.

- Clam shell opening makes it easy to get gear in and out
- Double ended SBS zips with a large storm flap
- Large front pocket with ammo loops and key holder
- Pull out Blaze Safety flap
- Multi attachment loops
- Hip belt - MOA attachment system
- Hydration compatible
- Nylon webbing so straps won't bind
- Compression straps to reduce bulk
- Low profile shoulder straps that sit flat without being bulking and won't affect shooting
- Ventilated back - reduces sweating
- Die cut foam on shoulder straps

Stoney Creek Bumbag Mud Flap Stoney Creek Bumbag Mud Flap
Stoney Creek Bumbag Mud Flap

The lightweight, low profile waist bag that is designed to carry all the essentials.

- Gusseted opening to stop your stuff falling out
- SBS locking zips
- Pull out Blaze safety flap
- Storm flap over main zip
- Nylon webbing
- Bar tacked in high-stress areas
- Ventilated mesh back
- Ammo loops and key holder inside
- A double lined base for strength and durability

Game On Call Lanyard - 6 Loop Game On Call Lanyard - 6 Loop
Game On Call Lanyard - 6 Loop

This extra strong lanyard by Game On fits any call. Made of strong, weather resistant paracord. This lanyard is a necessity for any hunter and for duck season. Also available in Double Loop (see our other listings for this)

- Holds up to 6 calls
- Sits comfortably around your neck
- Strong paracord

*Calls not included*

Hunters Element Butcher Pig Sticker Knife
Hunters Element Butcher Pig Sticker Knife

Butcher Pig Sticker knife with fixed blade from the Hunters Element Butcher Series.

• 140mm long blade
• 2mm thick flat ground blade
• Sharp fine edge
• 5CR15 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish
• Rubber over mould handle


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