Accutech Case Tumbler

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The Accu-Tech Case Tumbler is the ideal tool for preparing brass cases for reloading. Removing foreign particles from your brass is a critical step in the reloading process as it reduces the wear and potential damage on your reloading dies. Furthermore, once the ammunition is actually used, this wear can be passed onto the chamber of your firearm if care hasn't been taken to clean the brass beforehand.

Capable of holding up 600 9mm cases or 350 .223 cases, the Accu-Tech Case Tumbler will have your brass looking like new, thanks to the fast, aggressive cleaning action. Prolonging the life of your brass and allowing your press and dies to operate more smoothly.

With the Accu-Tech Case Tumbler, your reloaded ammunition will look factory fresh!

• Fast, aggressive cleaning action
• Holds up to 600 9mm or 350 .223 cases
• Ensures long brass life
• Reduces wear on reloading dies
• Reduces wear on firearm chambers
• Convenient ON/OFF switch on cord
• Kit includes case tumbler, media separator, and instruction manual
• Use 220VAC 50 Hertz.

NOTE: Some assembly required. Tumbling media sold separately.

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Accutech Case Tumbler

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