AJ Productions Universal Game Caller Deluxe with Remote

OUR PRICE $199.00

This deluxe Caller uses the same Wireless Remote and Yellow labelled sound cards as the earler Standard model Caller for easier upgrade. This deluxe model has 2 sound card slots.

A key benefit with the wireless remote when hunting/filming or photographing animals, they will always come direct to the source of the sound. By placing the main hand unit at a distance, this will enable you a better look at the approaching animals. This is also a great SAFETY feature.

• Larger Speaker: 75mm
• 15 volume control levels
• Volume Output: 120+ decibels (no need to use any accessory Amplifier)
• Two x Interchangeable sound cards slots = 10 recordings
• Operates on 4 x AA batteries for extra longevity (not supplied)
• Alternative DC 6-12V DC power socket
• New STOP button design: features STOP/PAUSE.

Wireless Remote Control Features:
• Five play back buttons
• Volume UP/DOWN buttons
• STOP button
• Remote Controller distance from 8 to 100 metres line of sight
• Operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
• Lanyard hole on back for carrying
• Small Palm Size/lightweight

NB: Game Caller does not include a sound card. All cards sold separately.

ATTENTION: Pre 2010 model Caller owners. That model has a RED stop button and WHITE label sound cards. Neither the Remote or White label cards will work in these new Callers.

Product disclaimer:

A J Productions Ltd will not be responsible for any incident caused by the use of any of these products. The purchaser needs to fully understand there is always an element of danger when reproducing animal sounds in the wild.

This Product is compliant with NZ & Australian Radio Regulations.

Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit
- Humm

AJ Productions Universal Game Caller Deluxe with Remote

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