Buck 285 Bantam BLW Folding Knife

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The sleek, lightweight Bantam® was designed to meet any personality and priced to meet every wallet size. From the tip of the blade to the wide sloping edge, these knives are perfect for outdoor tasks.

Lightweight, safe and affordable, the Bantam® features a stylish handle with textured surface for added grip. Features such as thumb studs on both sides of the blade and a mid-lock back location allow for easy one hand opening and smooth closing.

The contoured handle makes this knife easy and safe to use in the woods or for daily tasks. Features a stainless steel pocket clip that can be removed for pocket carry.

Lockback folding knives have a mechanism that lock the blade in the open position, activated by opening the blade all the way. A lock back gets its name from a rocker (rocking lock bar) partially visible on top of the knife. Opening the blade causes the rocker to lock against the blade so it locks open. Pushing down on the rocker on top of the handle releases it and enables the user to close the blade. Lockbacks require two hand closing, though some are one hand openers.

Type Folding Knife
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
Blade length: 79 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle: Glass reinforced textured nylon
Handle length: 111 mm
Locking type: LockBack
Weight: 68.3 g
Origin U.S.A
Warranty Lifetime

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- Mastercard
- American Express
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Buck 285 Bantam BLW Folding Knife

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