Buck Gardner Duck Call ‘Mainstreet’ Single Reed, Acrylic, Black/ Fluro Green

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Buck Gardner Duck Call ‘Mainstreet’ Single Reed, Acrylic, Black/ Fluro Green.

Single Reed Acrylic Duck Call.

• Loud volume
• Wider tonal range
• Realistic Sound
• Variety of colours with superior finish
• Single-Reed acrylic
• Hand-sanded J-Frame tone board
• Hand-tuned and tested
• .065" Stainless steel band
• Packaged in a call box with velvet bag

The MAINSTREET  is an all acrylic call single reed duck call. The MAINSTREET acrylic calls are made from premium cell cast acrylic, and the insert is a traditional Arkansas style "J" frame. Each call is hand tuned while hand sanding the tone board, and custom trimming the reed.

Each of the Mainstreet hand-tuned calls offers pure "sweetness" from the low end's "built-in" duck with that special whine, and all the way up top for that Legendary ring. Buck Gardner calls reflect Buck's pricing philosophy. He developed a system that produced products that would compare to and exceed the quality of his competitor's at a price that is fair and affordable to the demanding, but smart and price conscious hunters.

The single-reed Buck Brush has been Buck's "go to" call for many years. It has plenty of volume without an overly aggressive style, offering a pure tone, a little whine when needed, and legendary top-end ring when you need to grab their attention.

To ensure quality and performance, Buck Gardner build, tune, and test each call one at a time by hand at their shop in Memphis, TN.

From Buck Gardner website: We stand behind our products 100% and all of our calls are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This guarantee covers defects in materials, quality, and workmanship for as long as you own the call. We will repair or replace the call or its components at our discretion and get your call back in the field as fast as possible

Acrylic calls offer consistent density with excellent acoustic qualities. The harder surface composition gives the call a sharper resonating sound. The material comes in a variety colours and can easily be polished, making for very beautiful calls. Acrylic material is more expensive for manufacturers and requires precise machining processes, so it also makes for a more expensive finished product.

Single reed calls offer a broader range of volume and tone, but they typically require better air control and correct tongue pressure on the part of the caller. Simply put, a single reed call is more versatile but requires solid mechanics. Single reed calls can normally get louder than double reed calls can.

In a nut shell:
• Louder than double reed calls
• More tonal range
• Better for more experienced callers

Pro Tip:
Duck hunters benefit from using both single and double reed calls. Different hen mallards have different tones, so being able to vary the sound of your calling will play to your advantage – especially on pressured ducks.

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Buck Gardner Duck Call ‘Mainstreet’ Single Reed, Acrylic, Black/ Fluro Green

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