Buck Gardner Goose Call ‘Honker Hammer XL’ Acrylic, Blue

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Buck Gardner Goose Call ‘Honker Hammer XL’ Acrylic, Blue.

Single Reed Acrylic/Polycarbonate Goose Call. 

• Broken-in guts
• Fast reed pick-up and responsiveness
• Quick-tune guts for easy maintenance.
• Loud volume / wide tonal range

To ensure quality and performance, Buck Gardner build, tune, and test each call one at a time by hand at their shop in Memphis, TN.

From Buck Gardner website: We stand behind our products 100% and all of our calls are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This guarantee covers defects in materials, quality, and workmanship for as long as you own the call. We will repair or replace the call or its components at our discretion and get your call back in the field as fast as possible.

The Honker Hammer XL is engineered with high-end design features inspired by some of the best goose hunters in the USA. The broken-in guts and reed system are super responsive and pick up with minimal air pressure. A longer insert delivers more back pressure and ease of control, which enhances the responsiveness even more.

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Buck Gardner Goose Call ‘Honker Hammer XL’ Acrylic, Blue

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