Coghlans 38-piece Survival Kit-In-A-Can

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This ultra-compact Survival Kit-In-A-Can from Coghlans contains a 38-piece survival kit that includes food, medical, and other pieces of vital survival equipment which along with training and common sense could quite possibly save your life. Factory sealed, the can assure both the usability and the completeness of the contents remains intact for whenever it is needed. When opened, the can itself can be used as a cup, cooking pot, and bailer.

• 1x Compass
• 2x Fire starter cubes
• 1x 3m length of multi-use cord
• 1x Survival / First-Aid information sheet
• 1x 91cm length of multi-use wire
• 4x Water-proof matches
• 1x Bouillon soup packet
• 1x Tea bag
• 1x Packet of sugar
• 1x Match book
• 2x Antiseptic swabs
• 1x Razorblade
• 3x Twist ties
• 1x 30cm length of duct tape
• 1x Signal mirror
• 1x Zip-lok bag
• 2x Adhesive bandages
• 2x Nails
• 2x Safety pins
• 2x Fishing hooks
• 1x Signal whistle
• 1x Piece of chewing gum
• 1x Sewing needle
• 1x Piece of energy candy
• 1x Note paper
• 1x Pencil
• 1x 31m length of fishing line / sewing thread.

• Dimensions: 110 mm (L) x 78 mm (W) x 23 mm (D)
• Weight: 1.63 g / 5.76 oz

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- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit
- Oxipay

Coghlans 38-piece Survival Kit-In-A-Can

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