Euro Clay Targets ISSF Trap Black 150x

OUR PRICE $39.99

Eurotarget was established in 1980 by a group of individuals with extensive experience in the field who soon established themselves on the market with competitive products featuring cutting edge technical and structural characteristics. The continual research into production and an advanced and progressive know-how have also allowed Eurotarget to offer their customers a team of consultants and designers as well as assistance for clay pigeon shooting systems. Thanks to the professionalism gained over the past years and the notable experience acquired, Eurotarget is today a guarantee of high quality and top performance product. The combination of all these factors has allowed Eurotarget to become a guaranteed trademark noted throughout the world.

Please note that as clay targets are very fragile, we cannot ensure that all the clays in the box will arrive in an their original state. We the sender will handle with every care but the buyer must assume the risk during transit. 

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Euro Clay Targets ISSF Trap Black 150x

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