Fire Maple Fixed Star X3 Cooking System: Green

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The Fire-Maple "Star" FMS-X3 cooking system is a very effective gas cooking system, with heat-exchanging technology that enhances the heat efficiency by around 30%. The pot also comes with a heat protection cover to prevent heat from getting out.

The Fire Maple X3 is lightweight, compact & fast. Perfect for any hiking trip! The pot can carry all accessories including the fuel canister (sold separately), freeing more space in your pack. The folding handle design allows every accessory to stay close and stable during storage. Included is a multipurpose pot holder which allows you to cook with other pans as well.

Perfect for any outdoor adventure, this cooking system can boil up to 800ml of water in just over 2 minutes!

• High Heating Efficiency: FMS-X3-Star cooking system is developed to provide high heating efficiency. Adopting heat exchanger technology,the efficiency is improved by 30%. The unique base metal butt welding technology for the pot body (insulated with sponge) contributes to reduced heat lost and also to protecting your hands from the burning metal.
• Effective Heat-Exchanging Technology
• Space Saving
• Stable and Reliable
• Extremely Compact Design
• Highly Windproof
• Push-button Piezo Ignition
• Steady Handle Design
• Vented and transparent lid with rubber handle on top
• Insulated by neoprene sleeve
• High-Quality Materials
• Works with most butane/propane mixed fuel canisters
• Integrated pot cosy
• Easy Pot Measuring
• Saves Fuel

• Colour: Green "Tree Graphic"
• Material: Aluminum | Stainless Steel | Copper | Silicone
• Pot Volume: 800ml
• Dimensions: 25.4 × 24.6cm (Open) | 13.3 × 18.5cm (Folded)
• Output Power: 2200W
• Weight Capacity: 5kg
• Overall Weight: 600g

Great for many situations, this lightweight, compact and versatile cooking system will ensure you can cook your food with ease. For outdoor use only.

• X3 Heat exchanger
• Aluminum Pot - 800ml
• Neoprene Sleeve
• Multipurpose pot holder
• Tripod

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Fire Maple Fixed Star X3 Cooking System: Green

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