Guide TL450 Multispectral Fusion Thermal Monocular with Laser Rangefinder 50Hz

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Triple light, total insight. The TL Series is the first multispectral fusion thermal monocular of Guide Sensmart whose all-in-one design meets the needs of all-day and all-weather observation.

Key Features:

  • Day & Night UseThermal+Digital
  • 400×300@12µmIR Resolution
  • 1920×1080 AMOLED Display
  • 600mLaser Ranging

Equipped with a 12µm high-end thermal sensor, 1920×1080 CMOS sensor and 1920×1080 AMOLED display, the TL Series offers significantly sharp and richly contrasted images with an integrated laser rangefinder with up to 600m accurate ranging. Integrated with a built-in GPS, laser rangefinder, and gyroscope, target latitude and longitude, target distance, and device angle information can be obtained for quick aiming.


All-in-one Design for All-day and All-weather Observation

With integrated thermal and night vision, considering both the daytime and the nighttime, for quick search and target identification.

Integrated HD Thermal Detector and Digital Sensor

High-quality thermal imaging and night vision with clear distinctions allow for improved recognition of animals, their body parts, and even minute elements such as branches, leaves, grass, and the landscape, day and night.

1920×1080 AMOLED Display

High resolution 0.39'' 1920×1080 AMOLED is capable of lower power consumption, wider viewing angle, and richer color, providing a better observation details.

Built-in Precision Laser Rangefinder

The integrated high-precision laser range module can achieve 600m accurate laser ranging, allowing for the precise distance information of targets without calibration.

Built-in GPS for Target Positioning

GPS systems display the target latitude and longitude for accurate positioning, essential for hunters in navigation, safety, mapping, game tracking, and providing valuable environmental information. Integrated with a built-in laser rangefinder and gyroscope, target distance and device angle information can be obtained for quick aiming.

Combined Multispectral Viewing Modes

You can use the TL Series in several distinct image modes including a conventional thermal monocular with the choice of 5 color palettes, a highly detailed daylight & night vision optical camera, or the unique Fusion mode which adds the detail from the optical image to boost the performance of the thermal channel, delivering the ultimate in detection and detail.



  • Type: Thermal: Uncooled VOx Infrared Detector, 8 to 14 µm; Digital: CMOS
  • Resolution: Thermal: 400×300@12µm; Digital: 1920×1080@4µm
  • NETD: 30mK
  • Frame rate: 50Hz


  • Objective lens: Thermal: 50mm, F1.2; Digital: 22mm, F1.5
  • Field of view: 5.5°×4.1°
  • Magnification: 3.3x~13.2x
  • Detection range: 1400m/yd


  • Display type: 0.39’’ AMOLED 1920x1080
  • Eyepiece: Exit pupil distance 15 mm; Diopter: -4 to +4; Zoom: 13.8x


  • Laser rangefinder: 600m/yd
  • WIFI: 2.4G
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Others: GPS, Compass, Gyroscope, Bluetooth


  • Recording function: Photo/Video
  • Memory capacity: 64GB


  • Battery type: Single, replaceable 18650 battery
  • Operating time: 5 hours


  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C/ -4°F to +122°F
  • Encapsulation: IP67


  • Weight: 337g
  • Size: 190×70×90mm
  • Standard: A device, Wrist strap, Battery charger, single 18650 battery, 5V2A adapter (US, Britain, Australia and Europe), USB Type-C cable, Quick use guide, Warranty card
  • Optional: Bluetooth remote control, 18650 battery, Dovetail guide
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Guide TL450 Multispectral Fusion Thermal Monocular with Laser Rangefinder 50Hz

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