Headlamp LED Lenser H5

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This head lamp can do more than just look elegant. Its special optics focuses the super-bright light of the LED in a particularly effective way or expands it by turning the lens, so that a broad, circular low beam is generated. The lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees. A soft headband and the fact that the lamp weighs so little make it really comfortable to wear. Thanks to its red backlight, the LED LENSER® H5 is ideal for joggers and walkers at night.

- LED: Power LED
- Weight: 120 g
- Luminous flux: 25 lm*
- Batteries: 3 x AAA
- Energy tank: 5,4 Wh
- Burning life: 20 h**
- Beam range: 70 m*

Includes storage pouch

Our Led Lenser products are 100% genuine with a full 5 year NZ importer warranty. Each unit has a unique serial # to ensure its authenticity. (Beware of the
fakes out there at the moment.)

Looking for an upgrade, try an LED Lenser H7.2.

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Headlamp LED Lenser H5

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