Higdon XS Decoy 4 Channel Remote Control

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Higdon XS Decoy 4 Channel Remote Control

The newest Higdon remote and receiver system is now available. This units effectiveness and overall versatility is unmatched making it a wireless mobile command center for the most serious waterfowl hunters.

The concept of this remote system is to allow the hunter to be able to control multiple units in separate groups with the ease of using only one remote. The Higdon remote is designed to control up to 50 receiver units at once with an effective range up to 80 yards.

This system can be programed to run any Higdon receiver on 4 different channels which includes 3 settings per channel (on/off/timer).

The 4 different timing sequences included are as follows:

A. .5 on/.5 off 4 Cycles 4 off
B. .5on/4off/1.5on/10off
C. (5 on/10 off)
D. (10 on/8 off).

Note: Only works with XS lithium battery motion items.

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- Visa Debit
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Higdon XS Decoy 4 Channel Remote Control

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