Hushpower .223 Cal Centerfire Silencer

OUR PRICE $399.00

The new .223 Cal Over Barrel Lightweight Alloy Suppressor.

Weight: 220 grams
Length: 183mm
Diameter: 38mm
Length over barrel: 70mm
Calibre rating: 22, 17hmr, 22mag, 22 Hornet, 222, 223

Takes away the loud crack (down to about a 22 magnum noise) and helps protect your ears from permanent hearing loss. Super strong tooling grade alloy construction designed to withstand bursts of Full Auto fire, making it virtually indestructible on a hunting rifle and keeping the weight down to just 215 grams!! (lightest on the market!!!) Screws straight on to the end of any factory AR15 thread and slides over the barrel to keep the overall length down, while still capturing the gases. For Mini-14’s and SL8’s you will need a 1/2”UNF x28 TPI. We can thread your rifle for around $75 or point you to a gunsmith in your area that can. There is no licence required to purchase these in New Zealand.

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Hushpower .223 Cal Centerfire Silencer

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