Hushpower Silencer Centerfire 22CAL 300 1/2 x 28

OUR PRICE $349.00

Else Where: $399.00 13% ($50.00)

The all new Universal Over Barrel Lightweight Alloy Suppressor with 1/2 x 28 Thread.

This Silencer will fit any centrefire rifle with 17CM of exposed barrel with a diameter smaller than 19mm.
As a lot of customers want to fit one silencer to more than one calibre we have come up with a design that will fit more than one rifle. This is achieved by a simple barrel bush in the back of the suppressor, comes with one bush and extras are available at $20 extra.
Takes away the loud crack (down to about a 22 magnum noise) and helps protect your ears from permanent hearing loss.
Super strong tooling grade alloy construction designed to withstand bursts of Full Auto fire, making it virtually indestructible on a hunting rifle and keeping the weight down to just 300 grams.
22Cal- (8.5mm Hole) will do any .22/5.5mm calibres like 222, 223, 223WSSM, 220, 22-250 etc.
There is no licence required to purchase these in New Zealand.
You can pay up to $700 for an over-barrel suppressor, making these great value for money.

Weight: 300g
Length: 331mm
Diameter Outside: 38mm
Length (Over Barrel): 138mm
Diameter (Barrel It Will Fit): 17mm
Caliber: 22

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Hushpower Silencer Centerfire 22CAL 300 1/2 x 28

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