Hushpower Silencer Centerfire 22CAL 370 Black

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The all new Hushpower 370 Universal Over Barrel Lightweight Alloy Suppressor.

Lightweight design, Alloy Body machined out of one solid Alloy bar. (the dense alloy material is also better for sound reduction than Stainless Steel)
Strong 1 piece mono Baffle system, With all 4 chambers machined from one piece we ensure maximum strength to handle all rimfire loads.
Overbarrel Isolating Tube, Our clever muzzle brakes force most of the gases back into an isolated tube over your barrel.
Maximum Gas Capture, along with our large chambers we have also shaped tapered slots into each chamber to ensure maximum gas disruption resulting in a quieter silencer.
Maximum noise reduction for its size. (we guarantee no silencer the same size or smaller to be quieter)

Weight: 365g
Length: 307mm
Diameter Outside: 38mm
Length (Over Barrel): 150mm
Diameter (Barrel It Will Fit): 19mm
Caliber: 22

This Silencer will fit any centrefire rifle with 17CM of exposed barrel with a diameter smaller than 19mm.
As a lot of customers want to fit one silencer to more than one calibre we have come up with a design that will fit more than one rifle. This is achieved by a simple barrel bush in the back of the suppressor, comes with one bush and extras are available at $20 extra.
Takes away the loud crack (down to about a 22 magnum noise) and helps protect your ears from permanent hearing loss.
Super strong tooling grade alloy construction designed to withstand bursts of Full Auto fire, making it virtually indestructible on a hunting rifle and keeping the weight down to just 370 grams.
22Cal- (8.5mm Hole) will do any .22/5.5mm calibres like 222, 223, 223WSSM, 220, 22-250 etc.
(for 30cal search 030081)
Thread size is 1/2 x 28 TPI or 1/2 x 20. We can fit these to your rifle for $75 or point you to a gunsmith in your area that can.

030082 1/2X20
030065 1/2X28
030082 HP SIL CF 22CAL 370 BLK 1/2X20
030065 HP SIL CF 30CAL 370 BLK 1/2X28

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Hushpower Silencer Centerfire 22CAL 370 Black

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