InfiRay Saim SCL35W 2-8x35 50HZ 4 Reticles Thermal Scope

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The Saim series is a thermal device, which can be mounted on various firearms for night hunting and target observation its compact size and lightweight the design makes it easy to carry. Mounts directly onto picatinny rail. 

What makes it outstanding is long operation hours, good concealment and great ability to detect, recognize and identify objects or targets fast and easy The Saim series is effective at close and long ranges irrespective of  light and harsh weather conditions, that is, in total darkness, through heavy smoke, haze, fog, and dust.


High Image Quality 
Built-in InfiRay detector and matched with Matrix Ⅲ powerful algorithm designed to increase imaging clarity and overall image detail. Matrix Ⅲ results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities. The Saim series provides high image quality, improving the image contrast automatically, strengthening the image hierarchy, so to find target faster.

User-Friendly Interface
Simple and easy to operate is the initial design intention of the Saim series. Full icon design, easy to understand, and translucent background design of menu can effectively avoid occlusion vision. Internal menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate so you can keep an eye on settings without losing sight of your objective.

Image Sharpness Adjustment
Image sharpness can be adjusted manually to fit individual preferences for high quality image, and there are four levels for option by short pressing menu key.

Ultraclear Mode
Ultraclear mode is specially for bad weather such as heavy fog and raining, that make Saim be more sensitive and get more details.

Compact Size and Lightweight
With reasonable layout, compact structure and light weight, the Saim series is more comfortable and convenient for outdoor use.

High Shock Resistance
The Saim series features exceptionally high shock resistance up to 1000G.

Built-in Video recorder and  WIFI connection
The SCL-W is equipped with a 16GB recorder which enables video shooting and image capturing at the time of observation 16GB which can  support to store about 20,000 pictures. Video and photo files saved in the internal memory can be transferred to a computer via wired connection or to a phone via WiFi. The WiFi hotspot of the product supports simultaneous connection of four devices.

External Power Supply
The working time can be significantly prolonged by  connecting with high capacity external power supply  units, i.e. portable power source via Type-C cable  presented in the package.

Picture-in-Picture Function
Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image  of the reticle area at the top of the display. It helps to magnify the target  while retaining the rest of the field of view visible.

Detector Resolution: 384 x 288
Pixel Pitch: 17μm
NETD: ≤40 mK
Frame Rate: 50 Hz
Objective Lens: 35 mm
Field of View: 10.7° × 8.0°
Magnification:  2.0 - 8.0x
Diopter Adjustment: -5D | +5D
Display Resolution: 1280 x 960 LCOS
Battery:  CR123 x2
Max. Battery Life: 4 h
Amount of built-in memory: 16 gb
Weight (without batteries): <410 g
Dimension: 195 x 61 x 61 mm
Interface: Type-C
Detection Range (Target size: 1.7 m×0.5 m, P(n) = 99%):  1283 m
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InfiRay Saim SCL35W 2-8x35 50HZ 4 Reticles Thermal Scope

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