LED Lenser P3 Keyring Torch

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LED LENSER® P3 is the twin brother of LED LENSER® P2, but due to its bigger lamp head, it has an increased lighting range. The Blue Moon Focus System allows for quick transition from circular low beam to focused long distance light. The lamp’s ergonomically perfect clip is as convincing as its battery concept: one alkaline battery (AAA micro cell) costs about 25 Eurocent at the discount store and supplies power for many hours of light.

LED: 1 x Nichia High End
Length: 94,5 mm
Weight: 42 g
Luminous flux: 13 lm
Batteries: 1 x AAA
Energy tank: 1,8 Wh
Burning life: 40 h

Our Led Lenser products are 100% genuine with a full 5 year NZ importer warranty. Each unit has a unique serial # to ensure its authenticity. (Beware of the
fakes out there at the moment.)

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* Luminous flux (lumens) resp. max beam distance (meters) in the brightest function when switching on with new set of fresh alkaline batteries.
Average values, may vary +/- 15% depending on type of chip and batteries.
** Average hours of burning life as measured in the least energy-consuming mode and until residual luminous flux amounts to 1 lumen.


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LED Lenser P3 Keyring Torch

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