LED Lenser Torch iL7 - 340 Lumens

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Long battery life meets lightweight.

With the Led Lenser iL7 you can work in Ex-Zone 2/22 areas for up to 37 hours if needed. The extra large Magnetic Switch is easy to operate even with gloves on and the iL7 range feature Advanced Focus System for efficient, tailored adjustment of the light beam.

• Light Functions: These settings are a pure, bright delight. Power - high light output for every situation; Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
• Switches: Turn, press or both - how to switch these Led Lenser on. Magnetic Switch - with two off positions for easy operation while wearing gloves and protective equipment
• Special functions: That special something about this Led Lenser. Ex-Zone 2/22 Suitable - The first torch for Ex-Zone 2/21 areas with patented Advanced Focus System; Lightweight - weighing in at just 232 g with the batteries.
• IP-Class: Safety features of this Led Lenser. IP66 - Dust-proof and protected against powerful water jets
• Ex Rating: Ex and IECEx Compliant. Ex-Zone 2/22 - Working areas in which explosive atmospheres in the form of flammable gases, vapours or dust clouds (e.g. in case of a gas leak) usually do not prevail / prevail only for a short time.

• Luminosity: MAX 340 lm - MIN 70 lm
• Lighting Range: MAX 165 m - MIN 80 m
• Battery Duration: MAX 37 h - MIN 7 h
• Battery: 3x AA Alkaline Batteries
• Water Resistance: IP66
• Rechargeable: No
• Length (defocused): 16.1 cm
• Weight: 232 g

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LED Lenser Torch iL7 - 340 Lumens

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