Olight Red Flashlight Filter: FSR51 V2

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The Olight Flashlight Filter was created to be a great addition to your already remarkable flashlight. Put together making use of a number of of the best materials obtainable, these Flashlight Accessories from the lumination pros at Olight provides you with a heavy duty and trustworthy item. For a while, Olight has been in the torch gear business, and the Olight Flashlight Filter is the result of their endeavors to perfecting their profession. For the best way to enhance your illumination experience, select the Olight Flashlight Filter! 

Made of rugged TPU, these filters slip over the head of the flashlight. They are useful for navigating at night, hunting, law enforcement, and military applications, among others. Red light is commonly used to help to preserve night vision and also reduces the probability of alerting game animals, which generally do not pick up red light as well. 

Fits M2X-UT, M3X, SR51, SR52.

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Olight Red Flashlight Filter: FSR51 V2

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