Pulsar Helion Thermal Imaging Handheld XQ50F

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These thermal imaging scopes by Quantum are based on an IR sensor. The scopes are designed for use in both nighttime and in the daytime during low visibility conditions (fog, smog, rain etc). You will also be able to see through obstacles that are partially hindering targets (branches, grass, thick bushes etc).
Unlike image intensifier based night vision devices thermal imaging scopes do not need an external source of light and are not affected by bright lights.

Color palettes
Quantum XD/XQ offers a choice of 7 color palettes for captured by objective lens image, monochrome (usual “hot white”, “hot black”) and color highlighting the hottest and coldest areas with different colors.
Rangefinding reticle
Quantum XD/XQ has a stadiametric rangefinder performed in the shape of rangefinding reticle which enables distance measuring to observed objects with known height (deer - 1,7m; boar – 0,7m; hare – 0,3m) with a sufficient precision.
High image frequency
Due to the high image frequency (50 Hz) it is comfortable to use thermal camera dynamically (during rapid moving of observer or object of observation).
Operating modes
The Quantum XD/XQ suggests three operating modes, each designed to deliver best possible image in specific viewing conditions. The modes are as follows: “City” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved rendering of hot objects’ details).
Quick start-up time
The Quantum XQ thermal scopes feature short start-up time (2 seconds) from the push of a button to full operational status. This is one of the best results in its class.
Display OFF
When it is necessary to temporarily stop observation the user can apply DISPLAY OFF function. It provides the necessary level of camouflage (no light from the eyepiece of the device) between observation sessions as well as the fast restart of observation (when display is turned off, all other systems are working; for normal operation it is enough just to power on the display again).

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Pulsar Helion Thermal Imaging Handheld XQ50F

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