Ranger 10/22 Carbon Tension Barrel

OUR PRICE $499.00

The all new Ranger Carbon Tensioned Match Barrel with integrated Silencer. The new standard of a lightweight silenced barrel. It features a carbon sleeve that is used to create tension on the barrel itself. This unique design eliminates issues typically found in smaller barrel profiles. The weight is less than a standard contour barrel with the accuracy equivalent and better than a full Bull barrel contour. The barrel consists of a match barrel and chamber. It is 440mm in length (complete) Furthermore it has a monolithic integrated silencer which is contoured to the size of the barrel and unscrews simply on the standard 1/2x20 TPI Thread. The silencer system also features vents inside the barrel sleeve which allow for maximum gas capture resulting in the best possible sound reduction. All made here in New Zealand. The result the most accurate 10/22 barrel with integrated silencer available!

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Ranger 10/22 Carbon Tension Barrel

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