Ranger Neoprene Scope Cover - Large - 500mm

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Ranger Neoprene scope cover in Camo

**Please note: limit one per customer. If you order more than one you will be charged full price on for all the extra ones.

These have a handy quick release finger loop and no raw edges, preventing fraying. They are 100% water proof!!

Made from Xtreme Neoprene – this neoprene can withstand a huge amount of abrasion and creasing (which compresses and weakens neoprene), making it more durable.

These Neoprene scope covers are made from SEAMATE ECO-SPONGE, a limestone-based chloroprene rubber.Unlike conventional rubber, which is made from chemicals whose source is mainly petroleum, the raw materials of SEAMATE ECO-SPONGE are from natural limestones.

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Ranger Neoprene Scope Cover - Large - 500mm

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