Rimfire Silencer Hushpower IV

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Hushpower IV Rimfire Silencer Black 1/2x20, 22LR, 17HMR & 22Mag

Lightweight design, Alloy Body machined out of one solid Alloy bar. (the dense alloy material is also better for sound reduction than Stainless Steel)
Strong 1 piece mono Baffle system, With all 6 chambers machined from one piece we ensure maximum strength to handle all rimfire loads including 17HMR and 22WMR.
Maximum Gas Capture, along with our large chambers we have also shaped tapered slots into each chamber to ensure maximum gas disruption resulting in a quieter silencer.
Maximum noise reduction for its size. (we guarantee no silencer the same size or smaller to be quieter)

Weight: 65g
Length: 162mm
Diameter Outside: 20mm
Length (Over Barrel): NA
Diameter (Barrel It Will Fit): NA
Caliber: 22LR, 22 Mag, 17 Mach 2 & 17 HMR

Threaded 1/2 UNF. so will fit most Rimfire rifles factory thread.

We truly believe this is one of the best 22LR silencers we've ever had.

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Rimfire Silencer Hushpower IV

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