SOL Sport Utility Blanket

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Some emergency shelters are just that - meant to be used once or twice when needed and then never again. The SOL Sport Utility Blanket is a different type of shelter, where you can use it as an emergency blanket one day, and then as a picnic blanket the next. It can also have many other uses such as using it to haul heavy loads, a ground tarp underneath a tent, rigged as a shelter, or to cover your gear in foul weather. This Sport Utility Blanket is up to any task. Even with many times the strength of similar multi-use blankets and tarps, plus a scorching 95% heat reflectivity rating, the Sport Utility Blanket still weighs in at only 11.3 oz.

Ideal uses:
- Backpacking/hiking
- Car camping
- Hunting & fishing
- Trekking
- Form a shelter, stay warm and get found

- Made from extra-durable rugged material making it ideal for moving heavy objects - from firewood to big game
- Six metal grommets offer a variety of shelter configurations, depending on your needs
- The material reflects 95% of body heat and the bright orange exterior color makes you easy to spot
- Use it around the house as a sun-shade, motorcycle cover, outdoor blanket, and more
- Size: 60" x 84"

Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit
- Oxipay

SOL Sport Utility Blanket

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