Outdoor Outfitters Shooters Gloves

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These fantastic quality Outdoor Outfitters Neoprene Shooter Gloves are warm and super comfortable to wear! They provide numerous features to aid shooters in cold weather. Manufactured from a soft Neoprene fabric with just the right thickness to maximise warmth, without compromising dexterity. The palm side of the glove features slip-resistant fabric with a soft abrasion overlay to maximise grip. The thumb and forefinger tips can be pulled back to give the shooter sesitivity when squeezing the trigger, also making it easier to reload.

- Velcro Wrist Straps
- Rubber Grips On Fingers And Palms
- Elastic Rib For Close Fitting 
- Foldback Finger Tips
- Molesworth Camo
- Suitable for right and left handed shooters

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- Mastercard
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Outdoor Outfitters Shooters Gloves

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