Accutech All In One Steel Shooting Rest

OUR PRICE $199.00

Make sighting in your rifle easier and more consistent with this high quality gun rest. Heavy duty 1.5" box steel construction and large adjustable feet provide a stable platform for shooting, cleaning and maintaining a variety of rifles.

The Accutech 'All In One' Steel Shooting Rest is a full-length metal rest that comes packed with all of the features that today's shooters demand. This "no frills" full- length rest offers the shooter a solid platform for quick and convenient set-up without the expense and complexity of other rests.

• Durable box steel frame fabrication
• Fully adjustable (front and rear height, cradle angle and foot height)
• Quick drop locking system
• Anti-vibration bead filled bag securely holds firearm
• Switch easily from rubber to spiked metal feet to accommodate various terrain
• Easy assembly

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Accutech All In One Steel Shooting Rest

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