Buck Gardner Mallard Duck Call: 6-in-1 Whistle

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Add versatility and realism to your duck calling by mixing in drake mallard quacks, pintail whistles, and more. This whistle is easy to use and a must-have for every duck hunter, and it has a larger bell end to cast greater volume than many whistles on the market. It's also a great call to give to kids or hunting guests that don't blow a duck call to make them part of the hunt. Replicates drake mallards, pintail, wigeon, teal, wood duck whistles, and even bobwhite quail. Buck has been known to use this call for sandhill crane and as a dog whistle when he left his at home.

• Add realism by mixing other species into your calling
• Designed for Mallard Drakes, Pintail, Wigeon, Teal Wood Duck, and Sandhill Crane
• Great call to get started

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Buck Gardner Mallard Duck Call: 6-in-1 Whistle

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