Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Shooting Benchrest

OUR PRICE $1,199.00

Else Where: $1,299.00 8% ($100.00)

The Lead Sled® FCX combines the two most innovative gun rest technologies in the industry’s most advanced shooting platform. Designed for fast, precise crosshair alignment and smooth function while reducing felt recoil up to 95%. Included is the custom-fit weight bag with carry handle for easy weight transport. The Lead Sled® FCX gives you ultimate accuracy and comfort all in one.

• Adjust windage and elevations with a single movement
• 4" course elevation adjustment at the rest
• At 100 yards, the control arm provides approximately 5 feet of adjustment on target
• Overall shooting rest length is adjustable
• Contoured rear support protects gunstock's finish
• Carrying bad included

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Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Shooting Benchrest

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