CRKT Berserker Axe Leather Sheath

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Looking for a sheath for your CRKT Berserker axe? Here’s a proper leather one. A bare axe is like a knife without a sheath. Easily blunted and cuts wrong stuff at the wrong time. Get one of these and protect your axe from the hostile environment and the peaceful environment from your hostile axe.

This is a thick and sturdy vegetable-tanned full-grain leather as it should be. The traditional tanning method produces durable stuff and it is more environmentally friendly than nowadays more common chrome tanning. Leather is properly oiled to prevent it from becoming hard and brittle. The seams are lock-stitched with strong and thick Nylon thread. Made in Oregon, USA.

This sheath is only meant for protecting the blade of the CRKT Berserker axe. Because it is designed to caress the unique figure of that particular axe head, it most likely loathes your other axes. If you try to force it on one of those modern plastic thingies, it will cut its belly open in shame and possibly tries to take your fingers with it. However, it will slide smoothly on Berserker and attaches securely with a snap fastener.

Features and Specifications:

  • Well Built: Made in the USA
  • High Quality: Durable full grained leather sheath
  • Expert Crafted: Featuring hand oiled finish for durability
  • Leather
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CRKT Berserker Axe Leather Sheath

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