Decoy Retriever Pole Telescopic Decoy Pole

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Make grabbing your decoys easy with the Game On Decoy Retriever that can extend up to 5m!

It is a hassle wading over to your decoys on the water. Extend yourself with the Decoy Telescopic pole that reaches decoys without you getting drenched with water. With up to 5 metres of reach, you can safely hook your decoys to move or remove them from your pond this Duck Season. With a simple twist of a pole section, you can lock or unlock the full extension of the Telescopic pole.


• Minimum Extension: 107 cm
• Max Extension: 540 cm
• Locking: Twist-lock system
• Pole Material: Aluminum
• Hook: PVC Coated Stainless Hook
• Extends to 5x times its compacted length
• Weight: 1.018 Kgs

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Decoy Retriever Pole Telescopic Decoy Pole

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