FAB Defense 3 Point to 1 Point Sling

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The SL-2 transforms from a 3 point sling configuration (ideal for comfortable gun carry) in to an extreme tactical 1 point sling for operating in close quarters or when extreme maneuverability of the firearm is required (e.g. reaching for your back up holstered pistol). A quick-release mechanism instantly transforms the sling to single-point mode for better maneuverability in close quarters and for use in vehicles. Weight of the firearm assists in keeping the sling configuration set to the operator's preference.

- Allows slinging the weapon in front of the torso, keeping the weapon close and freeing your hands for defensive tactics.
- Firearm can be quickly moved behind the back, keeping the weapon position appropriate for engaging in an unarmed combat.
- The 1 Point Sling configuration is ideal for Close Quarters Battle allowing high maneuverability.
- Allows swift and effective change.
- Durable, wide comfortable tight-weave webbing resists fraying and snagging.
- Built-in ear plug storage.

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FAB Defense 3 Point to 1 Point Sling

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