Floating Shotgun Bag *Perfect For Duck Shooting*

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Get ready for your next hunting trip to the pond with the 52” Floating Shotgun Bag. This duck blind shotgun floating gun case is an ideal form of transportation, as it will accommodate most shotguns while keeping them safe and secure. Whether you are out in a field or are transporting your shotgun, 52” Floating Shotgun Case comes with a shoulder strap to allow you to comfortably carry your shotgun, while heavy-duty handles allow you to effectively move the shotgun from one location to another. The 52” Floating Shotgun Case is built with a durable yet lightweight material that will protect your shotgun in nearly any conditions while making it easy to bring with you on your next outing.

For added security and convenience, this floating shotgun bag is equipped with sturdy zippers so that you can easily pack and unpack your shotgun, leaving you with confidence that your shotgun is safe; this 52” shotgun bag is also designed to keep water out when you are facing inclement weather conditions. The 52” floating shotgun case comes in a multi-colored camouflage pattern that will help it blend in to your surroundings.

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Floating Shotgun Bag *Perfect For Duck Shooting*

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