Fun Target 3D Foam Archery Target Cube 6 Sides

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Fun Target 3D Foam Archery Target Cube 6 Sides

The Fun Target 3D Foam Archery Cube 6 sides is the perfect practice tool for any archery whether it's for hunting, competitive or fun.

As it is crafted from XPE foam, the target can take multiple shots without leaving holes thanks to the heat-fitting technology. The Fun Target 6 side Foam Archery cube will last far longer than many other foam targets thanks to its durability, high density and self-healing foam.

The highlighted green targets on the cube means that it is easy to spot and find when aiming. As the target is both 6 sided and 3 Dimensional, it is built to be shot from most angles. The Fun Target 6 sided Foam Cube has a weight of 4.7kgs with a strap on one of the faces that makes it easier for carrying.

Life-size hand in photo for size comparison


• Built in Handle
• Multiple Sides
• Three Sets of Different types of Targets
• Self-healing Foam
• Easy arrow removal that leaves no holes


• Material: XPE Healing Foam
• Colour: Black with Green Targets
• Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40cm
• Weight: 4.7kgs
• Sides: 6

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Fun Target 3D Foam Archery Target Cube 6 Sides

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