Fun Target Archery 3D Foam Target with Removable Core Insert - Black Boar

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The perfect hunting simulation - new to the Fun Target archery target range is these awesome realistic 3D foam boar targets! Lifelike animal design provides a true-to-life angle and look, a great alternative to plain paper targets for the casual or serious hunter. Plus they make target practice that much more fun!

The Fun Target 3D Foam Boar Target features a replaceable core insert which greatly increases the life of this target (that is, if you hit the insert target) and therefore saving you from having to purchase a whole new unit. The core insert also feature scoring rings in the vital area for great realistic practice or use in 3D target competitions.

The Fun Target 3D Foam Boar Target offers large size, replaceable insert and long target life for realistic target practice. Add a bit of realism to your target spread and make your target shooting that much more fun!

• Realistic boar: the Fun Target boar is life size, standing at approximately 22" giving you a great target to aim for
• Increase target longevity: by being able to replace the core insert target, you get so much more use out of your boar target
• Stability: weighing in at over 7kg, the Fun Target boar has a bit if weight behind it, so you don't have to worry about it falling over after you land each shot
• So straight forward and fun to use

• Material: High density PU Foam
• Colour: Black
• Dimensions (approx): 570mm (H) x 920mm (L) x 340mm (W)
• Weight: 7.35 kg

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Fun Target Archery 3D Foam Target with Removable Core Insert - Black Boar

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