You're at the lake with a great set up. After a hugely successful day, you finish packing up and then realise, how are you going to get all these ducks back??

New from Game On is the game carrier solution. With a wider shoulder strap, carry all of your game with comfort and ease. 8 individual straps can carry 1-2 birds on each, meaning you can hold up to 16 birds on the one strap! Simply form a loop through each D-ring and hook around the neck or leg of each bird, and the body weight will hold them in tight. Easy!

Fitting this across your shoulder gives you your hands back so you can more safely handle your shotgun or carry other equipment. However, imagine if you had an extra Game On Bird Tote, you could carry another 16 birds on the other shoulder, or even with an additional third or fourth Game on Bird Tote using the handles, you could transport a whopping 64 birds total all by yourself!

Or if you and your mates are that good and have 100's of birds

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Game On Game Bird Tote: Carry Up To 16 Birds

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