Game On Self Clinging Wrap Tape - Woodland Camo


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Camo wrap tape is a must this season for all duck hunters to ensure concealment from above!

This tape, with green, brown and black camo, is perfect for covering shotguns and any items needed to be camouflage in the field. Easy removal and leaves no adhesive build up.

This tape is super easy to apply and remove.

• Removeable and reusable wrap
• Comes off cleanly and doesn't leave any residue
• Non stick paper backing for easy application
• Does not stick to gear or weapons
• Great for use with firearms, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles & sheaths, canteens & more
• 4.9cm wide, 575cm long
• Colour: Woodland camo

A must have addition to your duck shooting accessories. Check out our decoy, duck decoys, ammo, shotgun, rifle, & hunting apparel now!

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Game On Self Clinging Wrap Tape - Woodland Camo

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