Game On Three-Sided Camo Duck Blind

OUR PRICE $199.00

The new Game On Three-Side Blind does the job perfectly and would be a great new addition to your collection of duck shooting gear. By having three sides rather than four, the Game On Three-Side Blind is super lightweight and can be shifted around easily by simply moving the sides without it flopping about. It also makes the blind super quick and easy to assemble so there's no mucking around and you have more time shooting. All this and it can still comfortably fit three shooters + their gear inside.

Stay sheltered from those wary bird's eyes and blend in to the background with the great realistic Max5 camo and a leafy look. A mesh upper panel around all three sides gives you extra visibility while keeping you conspicuous.

At a very affordable price the Game On Three-Side Blind is all you need and gets the job done.

• Three sides instead of four
• Easy access to get in and out
• Set a couple of chairs inside and shoot out the top or shoot through a gap in the opening
• Easily fit three shooters inside
• Simple design making it quick and effortless to assemble and use, perfect for those no-nonsense shooters
• Lightweight
• Easy to move around to put it in the perfect shooting position
• Packs down into a small and handy easy-to-carry pack
• Includes 8 pegs to secure the blind to the ground and a long cord to secure it to other landmarks

• Dimensions (W x H): Approx. 1460mm x 1435mm
• Colour: Max5 camo
• Weight: 3.8kg


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Game On Three-Sided Camo Duck Blind

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