Game On Waterproof Storage Bucket with Top Swiveling Seat

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This new product is not to be underestimated!

The Bucket Seat with Swivel Top from Game On will make a delightful addition to shooting set up. It doubles as a seat which can be awesome for either shooting sitting down or having a seat while relaxing, and also as a handle storage compartment with a great amount of volume that can be easily carted around!

The lid of the Bucket features a camo leaf pattern on top to help you blend in with your environment, and is cushioned to extra comfort while sitting. You have the option of either a handle to carry it by your side, or an adjustable shoulder strap for over your shoulder during transportation.

The Bucket Seat has a big 25L of available storage, giving you plenty of options for what you decide to use it for. Whether it's to carry your lunch down to the pond and then bringing the ducks back to the truck, or to hold your ammo and gun accessories, the Game On Bucket Seat will no doubt provide you will a whole heap more storage.

Our staff have used the Bucket Seat and they love it!

• 25 litre waterproof storage bucket
• Swiveling, cushioned hunting seat top
• Shoulder strap for easy carrying, or handle

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Game On Waterproof Storage Bucket with Top Swiveling Seat

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