Game On Wobble Head Paradise 3 Hens 3 Drakes

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Package of 6, 20" paradise duck decoys with 3 hens and 3 drakes. Non-flocked.

Add a new level of realism to your duck decoy collection! The head fixtures of these decoys are joined to a steel weight which adds a water-like buoyancy to the head, ultimately giving nearby ducks the impression of feeding/realistic head movement during even slight wind. Super simple to set up and no batteries required! Each full decoy consists of the main body, the head and a ground stake. Included is x6 40cm long ground stakes that can be pegged deep in the earth for strength during all weather scenarios.

These life-like 20" sized duck decoys are made from virgin polyethylene for durability. The lifelike carving and paint finish details on the hen and drake will add a life like detail and variety to any spread. Whether you are starting your first decoy set-up or looking to add to your spread of decoys.

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Game On Wobble Head Paradise 3 Hens 3 Drakes

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