Game On Wobble Head Paradise 3 Hens 3 Drakes

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We are very excited to introduce the brand new design 'Game On Wobblehead Paradise Duck decoys' that are absolutely perfect for duck shooting season!

Package of x6 20" paradise duck decoys with 3 hens and 3 drakes. Non-flocked.

Add a new level of realism to your duck decoy collection! The head fixtures of these decoys are joined to a steel weight which adds a water-like bouyancy to the head, ultimately giving nearby ducks the impression of feeding/realistic head movement during even slight wind. Super simple to set up and no batteries required! Each full decoy consists of the main body, the head and a ground stake. Included is x6 40cm long ground stakes that can be pegged deep in the earth for strength during all weather scenarios.

These life-like 20" sized duck decoys are made from virgin polyethylene for durability. The lifelike carving and paint finish details on the hen and drake will add a life like detail and variety to any spread. Whether you are starting your first decoy set-up or looking to add to your spread of decoys.

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Game On Wobble Head Paradise 3 Hens 3 Drakes

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