Gun Locker Gun/Ammo Safe 5 Gun

OUR PRICE $449.00

5 Gun capacity safe with customizable soft lined shelving included for ammunition, parts, air pistols, knives or even precious metals such as bullion. This safe can be used entirely for firearms or it can be quickly converted with the x4 included shelves for ammunition - the choice is yours! This safe also features an internally lockable compartment making it perfect for securing other small valuables as a 2 way security method.

Shelving is easily installed within minutes via provided brackets - no tools or screws required!

This safe qualifies for the storage of all standard, or "A Category" firearms or ammunition.

Internally padded rack with spaces for 5 guns but more can be fitted in skillfully.

• Four soft lined shelves
• Lockable inside compartment for extra storage
• Steel construction
• Upgraded twin locking system
• A-Cat compliable (all standard guns)
• Upgraded bars and hinges
• Powder coated protection
• Padded gun rack
• Wall thickness: 1.5mm

• Height: 1500 mm
• Height from floor to bottom of lockbox: 1350mm
• Width: 350 mm
• Depth: 300 mm
• Weight: 27 kg

• Gun/ammo safe
• Brackets for shelving
• 2 Pairs of safe keys
• 2 Compartment keys
• 2 Deadbolts for safe


Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit

Gun Locker Gun/Ammo Safe 5 Gun

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