Harris Bipod Series 1A2 Mod L

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Harris Ultra Light Bi-pod Sling Mount Fixed Base 9" To 13" Telescoping Legs 1A2-L

The world's largest selling bipod, compact and light. Adjustable height from 9" to 13" Weight 11 oz.

Mount your rifle on the Harris Engineering Series 1A2 9-13in bipod to gain a lightweight, sturdy platform to accurately fire your weapon from. These Bipods crafted by Harris Engineering contain spring-loaded legs that quickly deploy from 9in to 13in to suit your preferences. The Harris Engineering HBRM Extending Bipod clamps to the majority of Q.D. stud-equipped bolt action rifles and have a sling attachment provision and adjustment for off-center studs. Crafted out of high strength anodized aluminum alloy, this is the ultimate lightweight, sturdy and versatile bipod for your mounting needs. This device doesn't impede on your firing preferences. When you carry your rifle with a sling or even shoot off-hand, the bipod will not interfere. Get sturdy, accurate shots down range when you utilize the Harris Engineering Lightweight Bipod. 


Man#: 1A2-L
Legs Extend from 9" to 13" 
Telescoping legs
Overall Weight 312 Grams
Matte Black Anodized Finish
Hard Rubber Leg Caps
Aluminum Bi-pod with Steel Parts
Includes sling point
​​​​​​​Attaches to a Sling Swivel Stud

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Harris Bipod Series 1A2 Mod L

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