King Gong AR500 10" Steel Gong Target & Stand

OUR PRICE $249.00

Complete your centrefire steel gong target with this King Gong Target and Stand set! Nothing beats the instant feedback and satisfying 'PING!' when a well-aimed shot hits a steel target! These new King Gong Steel Gong Targets and Stands are designed for years of fun down at the shooting range. Made from quality AR500 Steel, they are hard enough to withstand multiple calibers at the appropriate distances. The targets also come in three different sizes, allowing for a customizable shooting experience - see our other listings!

Features and specifications:
• Made from top quality German and Swedish AR500
• For non-magnum calibres
• Thickness: 10 mm
• Gong target size: 10"

NOTE: 200 metres minimum shooting distance, with non-magnum calibre

Accepted Payment options
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- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit

King Gong AR500 10" Steel Gong Target & Stand

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