Mallard Double Reed Duck Call

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Mallard Double Read Duck Call by Game On.

The Game On Duck Caller is a must have piece of equipment for duck season

The mallard duck call is best when kept simple. 

Hail Call: Say these words trying to hold a deep pitch through the sentence, starting out loud and tapering off.  


Lone Hen Quack. Say the word “Quuuaaaccckk” into the call in a deep tone.

Feed Call – Say the words “tick tick tick tick tick - tock tock tock - tick tick tick tick tick” very fast in repetition. This call is best used when hunting in the evening.

Come Back Call – The comeback call is similar to the greeting call but should be louder and longer. You need to let the birds know you are pleading to them. “Ka  KAAAAAAAAAAA KAAAAAAAA KAAAAAA KAAAAAA KAAA KAAAA”

User instructions located on rear of packaging to help beginner callers. Comes with lanyard for fast use and easy carry around your neck.

WARNING: This duck call might attract other hunters as well as game. The user of this product assumes all risk and responsibility




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Mallard Double Reed Duck Call

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