Night Saber Spotlight Filter Red *Assorted Sizes

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Red spotlight filters from Night Saber - Choose your size in millimeter according to the diameter of your spotlight lens/head.

Easy clip on installation to your spotlight. A red filter is a very useful accessory that we believe every hunter should carry to be one step ahead of your game.

As a predator light, nothing really beats a red light. Most animals we hunt have dichromatic vision. Their eyes have two cones and see in two colours (predominantly blue and yellowish/pale green). Light towards the red end of the spectrum is naturally far less visible to them. This allows you to search with your red light beam with minimal risk of detection. If the animal doesn’t know you are there, you have more time to line up a shot.

Sizing compatibility with product SKU (can be searched directly on our website)

• 120mm Fits SKU/s 171075 & 171077
• 96mm Fits SKU 171053
• 125mm Fits SKU/s 171058, 171094, 171083, 171082
• 150mm Fits SKU/s 171085 & 171056
• 6500lm Model Fits SKU 171099

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Night Saber Spotlight Filter Red *Assorted Sizes

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