OO Safe Dehumidifier Rechargable

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The new Outdoor Outfitters Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier is a must have to keep your guns in good nick when storing in your safe.

The Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier is ideal for use in all enclosed spaces, draws, wardrobes, and kitchen cupboards, anywhere you have a problem with moisture or have expensive items to protect from damp air. Connecting the power led to the dehumidifier and leave recharging for 10-15 hours or until the crystals, seen through the crystal viewing window turn blue. Remove the plug from the unit and place where it is to be used. When the crystals turn pink, the unit will need to be recharged again. Use the supplied hook to hang over clothes rail if desired.

Safety Instructions:
Keep away from children it is not a toy.
To protect from electric shock do not immerse in water or any other liquid.
Unplug from socket when not recharging.
Do not operate if any part of the unit, cord or plug is damaged.
There are no user serviceable parts, return to your supplier for repair/replacement if the unit develops fault.
Do not cover either whilst recharging or in use.

Voltage: 100-240V
Power: 12W
Current: 0.096A

Height: 120mm
Width: 150mm
Depth: 30mm

Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit

OO Safe Dehumidifier Rechargable

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