Outdoor Optics 4x32 Black Matte Scope

OUR PRICE $99.99

These Outdoor Optics 4x32 scopes are one of the nicest of the value for money scopes we see. Not only are they an attractive looking scope, with their black matte finish and silver front ring, but optically they are very very good. Clear with good depth of field and the very popular duplex reticle, which is the standard found in 90% of most scopes.

The scope is fog and water proof, shock and recoil resistant, has fully coated lenses so you’ll get the clearest and sharpest picture and a good set of clear see through scope covers are also supplied. These scopes are well suited for 22, 22 Magnum, any of the 17s and could even be used on some of the smaller Centrefire rifles. The best thing of all is that they offer excellent value for money with a good warranty.

We also keep an excellent range of alloy and steel scope mounts suitable for this scope, and if you purchase the scope and rings from us, we would be more than happy to mount it for you.

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Outdoor Optics 4x32 Black Matte Scope

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