Outdoor Outfitters .22 Rifle Field Cleaning Kit

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The perfect field cleaning kit to take out with you for your .22 LR or air rifle, .22 Magnum, 22-250, 222, 220 Swift, 223, or 223 WSSM rifle! This handy, conveniently sized kit contains everything you would need while out for a day or three shooting.

"What I love about this cleaning kit is that it's tiny, it's compact. it's got a loop bag for your belt. 90% of your cleaning can be done in the field so the extra 10% at home. But this kit gets most of it done, which is super convenient." - Connor, GC Christchurch

Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • Four piece rod with handle
  • Slotted jag
  • Bronze brush
  • Patches
  • Chamber brush
  • Two ended brush
  • Oil/solvent bottle (comes empty)
  • Handy carry pack with a carry loop on the back to attach to your bag 

Please note that these were originally branded as an AR15 cleaning kit, but they are most definitely suitable as a .22 caliber cleaning kit.

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Outdoor Outfitters .22 Rifle Field Cleaning Kit

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