Outdoor Outfitters Pig Trap Door - DOOR ONLY

OUR PRICE $599.00

Please note this is for the DOOR ONLY, gates are NOT included. These doors will be available for indent orders, upon arrival in 8 weeks.

Gates are not included. These will need to be purchased from your local farm store and retrofitted.

Included with purchase will be 1x solid galvanised gravity closing door.

Full Cage Description:

The Outdoor Outfitters Pig Trap is a Kiwi-designed masterpiece of a trap. This patent-pending design has evolved over a period of 40 years, by Canterbury pig hunter Daniel Robins (aka Diesel); the result is the perfect trap for the capture of multiple pigs. Diesel has recorded each of the 1500+ pigs caught during his long hunting career and tried many different designs before settling on this as the final design.

Two key aspects of the design are the cleverly designed door allows multiple entries into the trap without having to be reset or allowing those animals already caught to escape and its strength. Many 200+ lb pigs have attempted to escape from this trap but without success. 

Made from galvanised steel mesh keeps the cost down and strength up.

Tips For Setup:

  • Choose a spot where you know pigs have been
  • Choose a spot that is visible from a distance with binoculars so you can visually check the trap without disturbing it
  • Use a 7-14 day old sheep/beef carcass (the smellier the better)
  • We strongly recommend that the trap be 'pegged' into the ground using standard fencing 'Waratahs' to further aid security
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Outdoor Outfitters Pig Trap Door - DOOR ONLY

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