Fun Target Rimfire Bullet Trap

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Fun Target Rimfire Bullet Trap - rimfire target shooting at its best!

This is the perfect target gallery for practice shooting and plinking with your favourite rimfire rifle. Featuring a choice of four highly visible steel targets which automatically swing and reset after shooting them. No more walking down range to reset targets and more time behind the trigger having fun with friends and family. This is the ultimate solution to your target shooting!

Excellent size for close range and long range practice shooting. Measures 495mm wide, 200mm high and 215mm deep. Angled backing designed to deflect your shot into the catcher base.

As an added bonus, the Fun Target Rimfire Bullet Trap also comes with a clip which you can use to hold up paper targets if you wish to change it up a little bit!


• Made from strong steel
• Self-resetting bright orange targets
• Suitable for .22LR rimfire rifles up to 1200 fps
• Tough, weather resistant powder-coated steel
• Collects all your shots for easy clean up
• Includes a removable clip for holding paper targets

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Fun Target Rimfire Bullet Trap

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