Swazi Brocco Hooded Long Sleeve Fleece Shirt Tussock

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The Swazi Microshirt is one of their biggest sellers and now thanks to a customer's great suggestion it has a new stable mate. The Brocco Micro (thanks Broc!) features a snug fitting hood to cover your ears and keep your noggin from getting a floggin!


  • Ultra-soft and lightweight yet undeniably durable
  • Allows moisture to wick away from your body
  • Keeps your core at a constant temperature even when wet
  • Cut extra long to keep vitals protected and warm, and to prevent the top riding up during movement
  • Chest zip for instant temperature control and ventilation
  • Thumb loops to keep hands toasty and sleeves where they should be
  • Packs down exceptionally small and can be used as a pillow if needed!
  • Hood to keep the noggin' from a floggin'


  • Fabric & Care: 140 gsm Microfleece
  • Layer: Base or Mid Layer
  • Function: Breathable
  • Conditions: Mild / Dry / Cold
  • Weight: Size Large - .400 grams / .88 lbs
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- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
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Swazi Brocco Hooded Long Sleeve Fleece Shirt Tussock

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